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Mum with butterflyMarch

- Will be back open for business on Monday, March 23rd

- Seeds come in and our seed starting items are in stock

- Pick up a spring wreath for the front door

- Shamrocks are in for St. Patrick's Day

Fall mumApril

- Spring is here

- Easter Plants are in stock

- Palm Sunday Open House


Later in the month... Pansies, Pansies, Pansies!!!

- Arrival of our bulk mulch, bagged mulch, soils, trees, and shrubs

- The Garden Center is stocked the last week and we are officially ready to Celebrate the Planting Season!


- Mother's Day Open House

- All our Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables, and Fruit Trees are ready to go

- Memorial Day is the official safe time to plant the garden. We offer 60 types of Vegetable plants for the garden. Peppers from sweet to too hot, tomatoes from small to yellow, to large and ugly.


- The planting season is going strong...a good supply of annuals and vegetables.

- Perennial Gardening is getting its mojo going.

- Large containers are available for graduation


- Perennials, tree and shrub sales are hot.

- Closed the 4th of July, but only for one day!


- Fall mums are on the way! Don't fear, we have a lot of great days ahead.

- Watch for the tomato nights cause the spores to develop and a weekly spray of funginoil wil keep it away.


- Labor Day is the return to school and also the return of Mom and Dad to the yard.

- Mums, flowering Cabbage/Kale, Corn Stalks and Pumpkins.

Indoor plantOctober

- 30 inch rakes at sale prices to help in the Lawn Cleanup


- Finnish planting fall bulbs

- Prune and cover your roses

- Christmas trees are in the Friday after Thanksgiving

- Holiday Open House Black Friday through Sunday


- Fresh wreaths, trees, and garland

- Poinsettias, Cyclamen, Frosty Fern, and Christmas Cactus

- Ornaments, decorations, gift, and gift cards

- December 27th after Christmas Sale 50% off!


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Hours 9 Am - 5 PM Daily

Sorry for the old news from last year, spring has been slow to come - as has our new news, our website will be updated tomorrow! Thank you very much,

Brad and Tammy Alcott