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Hello, and welcome to the new fundraising section of our website! Each season, we are proud to provide groups, clubs, schools, churches, associations, and classes of all shapes and sizes to actively participate in fundraising in general. But, here at Alcott's, you have the ability to provide the gift of life, in the form of beautiful, vibrant, robust flowers for all seasons!

We assist organizations in raising funds for their cause for Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, in the Autumn ~Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Each season carries its own special variety of beauty on display for us all to embrace.

Here, you are able to download, view, and/or print any, and all documents listed (including order forms), for your convenience. Please note that pricing for any out-of-season fundraiser will not be present on the flyer. Each flyer is present to show potential availability for the season, and availability is subject to change. Only current fundraising flyers will contain up-to-date pricing.

This information is included on the flyers, but we have found it is easier for the group to pre-sell all plants, collect the corresponding money, and establish an appropriate location for your customers to pick up their purchased items. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you, have fun!


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fall mums

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spring memorial day

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Spring-mother-s day

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Sorry for the old news from last year, spring has been slow to come - as has our new news, our website will be updated tomorrow! Thank you very much,

Brad and Tammy Alcott